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It’s no secret that homeownership is a key driver of wealth and economic security. At this point, it’s not really up for debate.

The combination of building equity through mortgage payments and home appreciation is a powerful combination. We’ve gone in detail throughout many articles throughout this site in particular about increasing the black homeownership rate.

As a citizen of this country, regardless of your race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, it’s in your best interest for the GDP of this nation to increase. By increasing the homeownership of African Americans, you increase the wealth of the entire nation. This McKinsey article goes into more detail.

Source: McKinsey

We encourage you to support a black owned business, a black realtor, a black lender or a black loan officer wherever you come across them. And not just during black history month 🙂

For a more comprehensive understanding about the history and importance of black owned banks, we recommend checking out the book The Color Of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap by Mehrsa Baradan.

The Importance of Home Loans

There are many lists of black owned banks and credit unions, which is wonderful. These lists are great for:

  • The underbanked in need of a welcoming financial institution.
  • People looking to bank black and move some of their money to a black owned bank.
  • People seeking commercial loans.

Unfortunately, many of these banks and credit unions only provide access to a checking account or make commercial loans. There is an enormous gap between those two ends of the spectrum, i.e. those who may already have a checking account and those who are not small business owners. What about people looking for a home loan?

This is the core population of those who are potentially eligible to buy a home, but need the right type of mortgage product (VA, FHA, conventional loan, USDA) and the right loan officer to ensure that they have a fair chance of being approved for a home loan and not being unjustly denied.

Secondly, making loans is how banks generate the majority of their revenue. Minority owned institutions in turn reinvest this money into underserved communities, creating a prosperous cycle.

We can connect you to a good black realtor in nearly 500 cities, but unfortunately, it will take more time for us to do the same for black lenders and loan officers.

If you have any recommendations, please contact us. In the meantime, here’s the list.

Credit : Bankblack

Evolving List of Black Lenders

There may be lenders who originate loans throughout the entire state or who can provide online services but we’re focusing on lenders who have a physical presence in the city.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of cities missing from this list (no Charlotte, no Philly?) We prioritize institutions (banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders) over individuals (loan officers). If there isn’t an institution in your city, then please reach out to an individual loan officer.
















New York

South Carolina





We’re looking for experienced loan officers, mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders to add to this list, particularly in cities where there are no established institutions.